Top 10 cleaning tips for apartment cleaning

August 18, 2020 by easymaids

Cleaning is an inevitable part of life and it becomes all the most necessary when one fine day you are sitting in your house and by looking at the clutter and untidiness of the house, you get a strong feeling that the apartment needs some cleaning.

apartment cleaning

You decide to clean your apartment but cleaning the entire apartment is a pretty tiresome and tough job to perform. So how do you clean an apartment? Don’t worry, with the help of some simple tips for apartment cleaning, your task will get much easier. Follow these tips for an efficient cleaning and to clean your house fast:

  • Make a checklist for apartment cleaning

Make a rough list of all tasks you need to accomplish in order to clean your apartment. Include washing dishes, dusting the house, throwing away garbage, wiping off surfaces, etc. Include all those areas you have been noticing for sometime, the ones you think needs cleaning. Come back to the list after cleaning to see if you have not missed out on any part. Also gather all the supplies you will need for the cleaning task.

  • Follow a room-by-room method for decluttering

Don’t go haywire for decluttering out-of-use things. Declutter each room by removing unwanted stuff and then start the cleaning process.

  • Wash glass windows and glass doors

Clean all glass windows and doors to make them shine. Use disinfectant spray or a cleaning solution to clean out any dirt or to kill lingering bacteria and get sparkling clean windows.

  • Do your floors and bathroom last

This way you will not be putting dirt again on the already-cleaned areas while cleaning other parts of the house. If you do floors first, while cleaning the house you will again make the floors dirty which will double up your task.

  • Clean the outside of appliances by wiping them

Don’t just keep using appliances; clean them at regular intervals to avoid built-up of grease and bacteria. Take a disinfecting wipe and clean appliances such as oven, toaster, grinder, juicer, fridge. Make sure to clean the handles to kill and get rid off any bacteria on the surface.

  • Organize all the items lying on the table in the living room

As the table is at a place which is common for everyone in the house to use and also in an area which is most used by the family together, there are usually a lot of things lying on it. To give the living room a clean and tidy look, organize and keep the things lying there such as newspapers, bottles, diaries, etc at their predetermined places.

  • Give mirrors a streak-free look

Take up a good mirror cleaning spray and wipe it with the help of a newspaper or cotton to give it a streak-free look. The vibe you get when you look at a spotless, clean and shiny mirror is just refreshing in itself!

  • Clean your bathroom 

Bathroom cleaning is an important part of the cleaning task. Wipe and clean all cabinets, sink, faucets, bathtub. Use disinfectant wherever necessary especially on high-touch surfaces. Clean the toilet thoroughly and make sure to wipe around the seat and base! Consider washing towels, shower curtain, and rugs as per laundry instructions.

  • Take help when necessary

If the mess is difficult to handle or if you are short of time, take help when necessary. Get help of apartment cleaning services for difficult tasks or for places which are out of your reach.

  • Throw away unnecessary stuff while you clean:

This will make space available as you clean. This way the time you spend in cleaning your apartment will give you two outcomes at once after you are done cleaning. One, you’ll have a clean house after this apartment cleaning session. Second, you will also eliminate clutter that may be piling up with things that are no longer useful to you.

While it is a good idea to clean your apartment yourself there are some things which you shouldn’t be cleaning yourself and it is best that you take the help of a professional apartment cleaning service provider. Cleaning things such as boilers, back side of heavy electrical appliances, etc can prove to be hazardous and should be best left to professionals providing apartment cleaning services.

We are sure, by the end of this read you are now acquainted with how to clean your apartment quickly and easily.

Alright folks! Best of luck for cleaning your apartment and have a happy one 😊

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