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Reliable Post Construction Cleaning Toronto

Did you recently have a new home, office, or other structure built? While the expected completion date has likely been noted on your calendar for months, what you may not have considered is the mess left behind when the contractors pack up their gear. Before you start moving in furniture, appliances, and other large items, start off on a clean slate with professional post construction cleaning right here in Toronto, ON.

Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning Toronto

Not quite sure if professional post construction cleaning Toronto for your project is the right investment? Consider these four reasons it might just pay back:

  1. Your time is money. Do you really have enough to spare to give your new structure the TLC it needs?
  2. Debris and other materials left behind can pose dangers, risks our staff is not only skilled in recognizing but also insured for. 
  3. Do you know the ins and outs of Toronto waste removal rules and regulations? We do!
  4. It takes special cleaning tools and supplies to get a job of this size done right. We arrive equipped with everything needed.

Toronto Post Construction Cleaning Services

Turn to Easymaids for Toronto construction cleanup service to enjoy your newly renovated space at your full comfort. Our cleaning services are fast and spotless; it will make your house feel even fresher than it was before. Get off to a great start in your new Toronto home or office with pro post construction cleaning with EasyMaids.  Also performing post construction cleaning services in Scarbrough and Brampton!

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Post Construction Cleaning Toronto

3 Stage Cleaning

Renovation generally leaves a lot of debris and residues in the form of trash. Our post-renovation cleaning services ensure all stages of the cleanup process are completed.

Clean Like a Mirror

All the glass panels and the doors that have traces or drops of paint left from the renovation will be cleaned until it reflects like a mirror.

Kitchen Cleaning

Our personalized cleaning service plans also provide our customers with the opportunity to clean kitchen appliances on special requests. Also, we offer the best value for money with our flexible pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in offering 100% customer satisfaction with our post construction cleaning services. You can pat us on the back while we make your space shine.

Free Disinfection with every cleaning and get $30 off on first cleaning using code EASY30



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