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Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services in Toronto

The most considerable amount of trouble is faced while moving in or out of a house. Cleaning is another chaos that only adds to the trouble part. But then again, we understand how essential it is to get the house cleaned up before you are moving out or even stepping into a new one. At Easymaids our professional move in cleaning services in Toronto kicks in to provide users with an experience to share.

Toronto Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

We here at Easymaids understand all the troubles that one has to go through while moving in or out of a house. Therefore, we promise to give you a satisfying cleaning experience in or around  Toronto so that at least one trouble of yours can be eased away.

Empty Garbage Bins
Vacuum & Mop All floors
Dust All Surfaces
Dust Furniture
Clean Light Switches & Doorknobs
Clean Mirrors
Wiping Exterior Of All Cupboards
Detail Doors & Door Frames
Dust & Wipe Blinds
Clean Countertops
Scrub Toilets
Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Outside)
Clean Sinks
Clean Bath Tubs
Clean Showers
Clean Mirrors & Fixtures
Wipe Fridge (Outside)
Clean Countertops
Wipe Appliances
Clean Sink
Clean Stovetop & Overhead
Wipe Over (Outside)
Quick Floor De-Cutter
Wipe Dresser Tops
Make Beds

Move In Move OUT Cleaning includes basic cleaning Plus following services

From the comfort of your home and couch book and manage our professional cleaning services. Book a cleaner now.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services Toronto

Complete Cleaning Package

Moved into your new place and found out that all the wardrobes, desks, window sills, and lampshades are dusty? Never mind, you can call us up right at your doorstep to wipe clean your place even before you reach there.

Bathroom Cleaning Solution

Along with cleaning the place you are going to move in, we will also take care of the bathroom cleaning regimes.

Spotless Walls

Our move-in and move out cleaning services also include walls, doors, and other things like frames, and baseboards. We make it spotless for you.

Incomparable Pricing

We have different pricing plans based on your cleaning preferences.

Free Disinfection with every cleaning and get $30 off on first cleaning using code EASY30



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