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Toronto's Most Trusted On-Demand House Cleaning Services

There’s nothing better than coming home and experience a perfectly cleaned house so you can utilize your time for what matters the most. Easymaids professional cleaning services offers the best cleaning experience of your dreams. Experience our unrivaled dedication, user-friendly booking platform, 100% customer satisfaction, and top-notch house cleaning services. Book today! (Takes only 60 seconds)

Toronto House Cleaning Services

We are renowned for offering top-notch house cleaning services in Toronto. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We also offer plant-based, natural, and vegan cleaning products to perform enviro-friendly cleaning services. Experience our reliable, friendly, and trustworthy house cleaning services in Mississauga and Brampton.

1 BEDROOM$ 119
2 BEDROOM$ 139
3 BEDROOM$ 159
4 BEDROOM$ 189
5 BEDROOM$ 219
Our flat rates are subject to the property being under 3000 sq. feet and/or being in a state of normal repair. If the property is over 3000 sq. feet, has not been professionally cleaned, nor maintained by the occupant, or is in a post-renovated or post-construction state, and overall is deemed to be in bad condition by our cleaners, we will advise you prior to starting the work that we need to switch to an hourly rate of $35/hour per maid with a minimum of 2 hours.
Empty Garbage Bins
Vacuum & Mop All floors
Dust All Surfaces
Dust Furniture
Clean Light Switches & Doorknobs
Clean Mirrors
Wiping Exterior Of All Cupboards
Detail Doors & Door Frames
Dust & Wipe Blinds
Clean Countertops
Scrub Toilets
Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Outside)
Clean Sinks
Clean Bath Tubs
Clean Showers
Clean Mirrors & Fixtures
Wipe Fridge (Outside)
Clean Countertops
Wipe Appliances
Clean Sink
Clean Stovetop & Overhead
Wipe Oven (Outside)
Quick Floor De-Cutter
Wipe Dresser Tops
Make Beds

home Cleaning Plans

$ 119 Starting
  • 5% off for Monthly Cleaning
  • 10% off for Bi-Weekly Cleaning
  • 15% off for Weekly Cleaning
Additional ServicesWe OfferWe Do Not Offer
Clean Inside Fridge
Clean Inside Kitchen Cabinets
Clean Inside Bathroom Cabinets
Clean Inside oven
Clean Interior Windows
Clean Balcony or Patio
Inside Bedroom Cabinets
Wipe Skirting Boards/Baseboards & Corners
Spot Clean Walls
Move in/ Move out
Dish Washing
Move or Lift Anything Over 25 LBS
Step Higher Than 3 Steps On A Ladder
Shopping / Errands
Picking Up or Remove Clutter
Exterior Windows
Cleaning of bodily fluids, mold, toys pet waste or other bio-hazards

From the comfort of your home and couch book and manage our professional cleaning services. Book a cleaner now.

House Cleaning Services Toronto

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We are insured for your protection, and after completing a thorough background check, we hire individuals and then train them to offer the highest quality maid services.

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Be it cleaning floors or making beds; we are here to take care of it. Book our professional cleaning services to get the job done in less than 24 hours.

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Your happiness is our first and foremost priority. We always make sure to transform our customer's home into a spotless place

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With regards to the present scenario of the black lives matter movement, we as Easymaids stand strong in support of BLM and take an oath to do the best in our ability as an employer and service provider, to ensure that every black individual we deal with, gets treated with utmost dignity and respect.

It has become utmost necessary to eradicate discrimination and brutality towards black people, all over the globe and create a world that is free from anti-Blackness. We at Easymaids believe that every individual is entitled to equal fundamental rights irrespective of their colour. It is high time that we create a world in which every Black individual has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.

It disheartens our hearts to hear cases of brutality and discrimination, some of the black people have to go through. BlackLivesMatter advocates dignity, freedom and justice for black people.

As a responsible organization, and a proud supporter of Black Lives Matter movement, Easymaids does not discriminates and does not tolerate any discrimination against cleaning professionals on basis of skin colour, race, gender or any other characteristics.

To bring the change, all of us have to do our bit and ensure that we must take a stand even when small incidents of injustice to black people, occurs around us.

The incident of George Floyd has sparked a much-needed debate and has drawn our attention to many petty incidents that are avoided or brushed off. There is a clan of people, who for years have been exploited and its time that we help them to come out of the vicious circle.

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We must build and nurture a community that bonds together through an enthralling struggle that is restorative and not depleting.

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