Decluttering and organizing your home

July 17, 2020 by easymaids

Decluttering and organizing your home

We all are guilty of storing some junk items in the house. Some of us, more than others. It has happened to many of us that one fine day, you are just casually observing your home and feel that its again the time, to organize your home and declutter unnecessary and trivial stuff to make your space look more clean, tidy and organized.

While organizing, decluttering certain articles becomes important to make space available and to clear out the mess in order to better organize the house.

By organizing and decluttering your home, you will notice that the cleaning task is reduced to a great extent and you will find it easier to clean when things are at place. There is a beautiful feeling and a sense of freshness when you declutter and organize your home. Deciding how and by which ways you can declutter your home is up to you.

But if you are finding it difficult about where to start in order to organize your sweet home, following are a few points to go by:


Make sure to throw away all expired products

While deciding what to keep and what not to keep, you can straight away eliminate expired products. These products will be of no use because they have expired and are just taking unnecessary space in your home. Just get rid off them! This will also make sure that you don’t use expired products by mistake which can be harmful for health.

Categorize the stuff in your house

To better organize your house, try categorizing goods into broad categories and make a rough plan about which articles should be kept where. This will also help you in finding items easily when you need them.

If there are some things that you use occasionally or only a couple of times in a year, put them aside or store them away from your everyday items. Only keeping things that are used often will help you in organizing the home and will make the room look tidier and more spacious.

Categorize based on what you use daily, weekly and monthly

Categorizing items to organize the home isn’t that easy as it sounds especially when there is a lot to categorize. Well, try categorizing and organizing different items based on what you use daily, weekly and monthly. Put everyday essentials at places that can be reached out easily. Keep the articles that you don’t use frequently in a closet, so the room does not seem like there’s a lot of stuff lying around.

Throw at least 3 things every day

If you think you have somehow gathered a lot of unnecessary stuff and it would be difficult for you to find all such things and throw them away at once, this trick is for you.

Commit to throw at least 3 things every day. This will not hamper your daily routine and you will be making free space available everyday.

Ask yourself these questions when you are confused whether to throw a certain thing or not

While organizing and decluttering you may feel the urge to keep some goods which you may not be using. Sure, some things are close to heart and you may want to keep such things even if they do not serve any purpose.

While decluttering your home, ask yourself these questions when you are confused whether to throw away a particular thing or not- Is this particular thing useful? Does keeping this thing serve any purpose? Do you have sentiments attached to this thing? How sentimental is a particular thing?

Then, take decisions accordingly.

Keep the things that make you happy

While it is important to throw away unnecessary things while organizing things, it is okay to keep your share of happiness with you. Even if a certain thing does not serve any purpose but if you are deeply attached with a particular item or you have some memories attached to certain things, keep them safe with you. After all, you deserve the happiness it brings to you!

Donate things that are not in use but can be useful for someone else

You may find some things that are working perfectly fine but you don’t use them anymore and are not likely to use them in future also. Why not donate such things to someone who may need it and is likely to benefit from it? This is your chance to bring a smile on someone’s face by donating the things that you no longer use. Donate for a good cause while organizing your home.

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