Covid -19

Covid- 19, Increased Safety measures and Precautions

With the world fighting against Covid-19, some measures have become a necessity for businesses to operate and provide a safe and happy customer experience.

At Easymaids, our customers are our top most priority and hence your safety and health are of utmost importance to us. We want to assure you that Easymaids is taking all necessary measures to give you a safe and healthy cleaning experience.

We do regular temperature checks of our employees to ensure health and safety.

Easymaids is committed to provide adequate supply of face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves to all our staff members and cleaning professionals to prevent the transfer of any germs and bacteria.

We have set protocols at our office to prevent the spread of COVID- 19.

Our cleaners have been trained to avoid common ways of greeting such as handshakes with clients, office staff or co-workers. They have been trained to maintain proper social distancing while in the office and also during a cleaning session at your home.

Our professional cleaners will sanitize his/her hands before entering your home. They will also sanitize all the equipments and cleaning supplies they will use for the purpose of cleaning, before and after the cleaning is over; and will also disinfect commonly touched surfaces throughout the home. 

We request all our clients to pay digitally to avoid handling of currency notes.

Under NO circumstances do Easymaids allow an employee who is feeling sick, or experiencing any flu-like symptoms, to come to work. They must inform us immediately if they experience feelings of sickness, and self-isolation is required.

Easymaids requests you to kindly inform us, if you or any of your family members are feeling unwell to reschedule or cancel the cleaning session.

With every safety measure taken care of, you can be assured about having a safe cleaning experience with Easymaids.

Note: Easymaids will disinfect all commonly touched surfaces with EPA and WHO approved disinfectant for SARS COV-2 for free.

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